Getting started with Gunbroker: a Guide for Everyone

If you are looking for the FFL guide click here

GunBroker is a great place to buy guns, accessories, gun parts, hunting gear, and all things weapon related.

Their site is very intuitive and you can get started in just a few easy steps:

Step 1:

Step 2: Check out the guides here:


Now that you are registered you may be asking how do I bid on an item on

1. Scope out the special listings.

View the Showcase and Charity Listings on the home page each time you visit.

2. Target your item.

Search immediately for the item you want using the search box in the header, or

Browse the categories using the Browse Categories dropdown on the header to find gun collectibles, sport firearms, hunting gear, knives & swords, air guns, archery and gun accessories. See a complete list of categories.

3. Pull the trigger – place your bid!

You can follow the bidding on My GunBroker to make sure you win.

Ez Online FFL – Acquiring a Firearm

Adding a new firearm to EZ Online FFL is simple, just follow these easy steps:

Navigate to and click Login in the upper right corner of the page

Log into the system

Click acquire the firearm from the menu at the top on the page

Fill out the form

When adding multiple of the same type of weapon, you can add multiple serial numbers

Click Acquire in the bottom right

Repeat for additional acquisitions

Firearm Wholesaler 2022 Megapost

One thing that frustrates many new FFL holders is the lack of access to wholesale prices with out a verified retail location. Thankfully, there are some great companies offering wholesale prices to smaller FFLs!

EZ Online FFL is not affiliated with any of the companies in this post, we are only maintaining a central list


Q: Do people really store their 4473’s online?

A: EZ Online FFL is used every day by FFLs of all sizes to streamline their reporting process, saving time and reducing labor costs

Q: How do you know you are complaint?

A: Our software is fully compliant with all requirements for digital storage of form 4473 as outlined by the ATF here:

Q: How do I switch to a digital record keeping system?

A: You must submit a variance report to the ATF, it sounds intimidating but, is really just a simple email, we are happy to walk you through the process, check out our guide here: for a guide on preparing a variance report. Our guide even includes an email template to send!

Q: What if I want to change back to paper?

A: So far, no one has! But if you do, all your records can be downloaded in PDF format or printed any time with the push of a button

Notifying the ATF regarding digital record keeping system

The Firearms Industry Programs Branch or FIPB, is responsible for reviewing and responding to all variance requests for firearms. You can always reach them at or via phone at (202)648-7190. To switch to EZ Online FFL, simply send them the following email:

Hello, my name is <your name here>, I am the owner of <Company name here>, <full 15 digit FFL license number here>.

I wish to use EZ Online FFL, for my record keeping. The 4473 forms will be electronically stored in a secure database that does not allow any changes after form submission. Prior to submission, all changes are logged and can be reviewed any time. After submission, all forms can be viewed in PDF format.

The local ATF industry operation investigators can access the system 24/7 for compliance via the EZ Online ATF web portal

Thank you,

<your name here>

That’s it! The FIPB will send you an email after your variance is approved and you can say good-bye to paper forever!

Ez Online FFL – Disposition of a Firearm

Firearm disposition is just as easy as acquisition in EZ Online FFL. The system will automatically create your 4473 form as well as 3310.12 for the sale of 2 or more firearms within 5 days to the same customer.

To begin, select disposition from the menu at the top of the page.

On the disposition page, you will see a list of all firearms in inventory. To start the transfer, click the dispose button on the record of the weapon you wish to transfer.

Your screen will refresh to match the view below:

From this screen, you can select additional firearms to transfer on the left side of the screen. As you select firearms, they will move from the left to the right side of the screen. Once you have selected all the firearms for the transfer click either “Transfer to customer” or “Transfer to Dealer” depending if you are transferring to another FFL or a customer.

Dealer Transfer:

Enter in the FFL name in the search field:

Select the dealer and click “Complete Transfer” in the bottom right

Customer Transfer:

Click “Send to Customer” to begin the 4473

Select method for completing 4473

Complete 4473 and have the customer sign at the bottom, then click “Submit Form 4473” in the bottom right

When Section A is complete you can click “Background” to run a NICS background check then complete the dealer section and complete the firearm disposition

If a 3310 is required, the system will automatically generate the form for submission.