Getting started with GunBroker: a Guide for FFLs

Looking for the non-ffl guide? Click here!

If you have an FFL, you are probably familiar with GunBroker, if not check the non-ffl guide above to get started.

Unless you have a retail location or are excited to have a bunch of strangers coming to your house, GunBroker is probably your best bet for getting started selling as a new FFL.

The first thing you will want to do is log into your GunBroker account and click on my account:

Once you are on your account page, you will see a bunch of options. Near the bottom middle of the page you will see two links, they both go to the same page “FFL/Dealer Services” or “Join our FFL Network”:

After clicking the link, you will be at a new page and will see the box below in the middle of the page:

The link on that page will take you to the dealer application form, which looks like this:

Or if you are in a hurry just click here to be routed to the FFL Signup page.

Follow the directions on the form and the GunBroker team will contact you! Thats all there is to it!

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