Barcode Scanner and EzOnlineFFL

Using a 2D barcode scanner with EzOnlineFFL allows for accuracy as well as saving some time getting your customer in and out. While the only requirement is the scanner be a 2D scanner so that it can read the PDF-417 barcodes on the back of driver licenses which we will talk about more later.

Some of you have a point of sale (POS) that uses barcode scanners already and in some cases these scanners are 2D and will work fine with getting information into EzOnlineFFL; However each scanner has the ability to be customized and programmed differently which maybe a requirement of your POS. If this is the case we are more than willing to work with your POS to get the scanner programmed in a way where it will work with both EZ and your POS.

Where do I get a scanner?

We don’t sell the scanners directly. Follow the link below and you can purchase one from Amazon. This is the scanner we used to develop the software. We selected this one for it’s wireless features and it comes configured right out of the box. The scanner works better when connected to the included cradle however it does work (slower) when connected directly with Bluetooth and does require some configuration to swap between the cradle and Bluetooth.

Get a scanner here!

Once you have your scanner setup and working you can use it to enter serial numbers when acquiring items or to scan the back of your customers driver license and import all their information directly into the 4473. This really speeds up the process and prevents keying errors.

Be sure to keep the paperwork you get with your scanner. You will need the barcodes if you want to program the scanner to do other things down the road.

One thing to consider is while the information encoded on the back of the driver licenses is standardized the TYPE of information may vary from state to state. For example Georgia encodes almost everything from eye color to the driver license number, Philadelphia on the other hand does not encode the driver license number so this information has to be keyed in by the Dealer in the dealer section.

Barcode scanners also have post codes. These are keystrokes that are automatically entered after a barcode is scanned. Here is an example. If there are multiple fields the scanner can enter a TAB so you can scan from one field to the other. Another one is a CARRIAGE RETURN which is like hitting the enter key on the keyboard. So when you scan a barcode the form is automatically submitted just as if you hit the enter key. These can be programmed by the user.