LEEP / NCIC Background Checks

Once all the information from the customer and the dealer is collected we can send all that information over to your LEEP account for a background check. The best part of this process is there is no rekeying of information and its free. All the data is passed securely to the FBI and linked to your LEEP account.

To setup LEEP background checks is simple first you need a LEEP account. Follow the instructions in the video below.

Once a background check is run if there is not a qualifying event you will get a proceed right away. If the request goes into “RESEARCHING” we will check every minute to see if there is a change of status. If the request goes into “DELAY” we will check every 30 minutes to see if there is a new response.

If the request is in either researching or delay and an update is made we will send the primary account holder AND the user who did the transfer an email letting them know of the new status.

Once the transaction gets a final status the 4473 will automatically be updated.

All LEEP transactions can be viewed by logging into your LEEP account.

Yes, it’s that easy….