Notifying the ATF regarding digital record keeping system

The Firearms Industry Programs Branch or FIPB, is responsible for reviewing and responding to all variance requests for firearms. You can always reach them at or via phone at (202)648-7190. To switch to EZ Online FFL, simply send them the following email:

Hello, my name is <your name here>, I am the owner of <Company name here>, <full 15 digit FFL license number here>.

I wish to use EZ Online FFL, for my record keeping. The 4473 forms will be electronically stored in a secure database that does not allow any changes after form submission. Prior to submission, all changes are logged and can be reviewed any time. After submission, all forms can be viewed in PDF format.

The local ATF industry operation investigators can access the system 24/7 for compliance via the EZ Online ATF web portal

Thank you,

<your name here>

That’s it! The FIPB will send you an email after your variance is approved and you can say good-bye to paper forever!