Q: Do people really store their 4473’s online?

A: EZ Online FFL is used every day by FFLs of all sizes to streamline their reporting process, saving time and reducing labor costs

Q: How do you know you are complaint?

A: Our software is fully compliant with all requirements for digital storage of form 4473 as outlined by the ATF here:

Q: How do I switch to a digital record keeping system?

A: You must submit a variance report to the ATF, it sounds intimidating but, is really just a simple email, we are happy to walk you through the process, check out our guide here: for a guide on preparing a variance report. Our guide even includes an email template to send!

Q: What if I want to change back to paper?

A: So far, no one has! But if you do, all your records can be downloaded in PDF format or printed any time with the push of a button